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Metto Coffee & Tea

About us

From the first brew served so many years ago to the order we're filling right now, there's love in every cup at Metto. here's a bit about how we became who we are today.

Established in 2006, Metto Coffee & Tea in Mt Pleasant has become a community hub. The vision of Paxton and Sarah Parrish was to create a place where everyone felt welcome and special when that cup of hand-crafted coffee was given to them. Sarah fueled her passion for coffee in Seattle the years before her and her husband moved to Mt Pleasant and opened Metto. Bringing specialty coffee to the low country was exciting for them, as they both grew up in the South. The combination of their ingrained Southern hospitality with their love for coffee and food was the recipe for success. Come visit, we feel sure you'll agree!

Eventually, Sarah and her husband, Paxton, a former youth minister and US Marine, returned to their southern roots and began scouting locations for their own coffee house. In December 2006 Metto's doors opened at its Coleman Boulevard location, which was chosen because of the neighborhood feel. Their goal was to make an impact in the community and also become a place where people could meet and get to know their neighbors. Here, customers feel welcome and local, even if they're just visiting. Over the years, a variety of great chefs have contributed to the Metto pastry repertoire, growing Metto's reputation as a Coleman Boulevard must-stop for delectable bites in addition to expertly prepared coffee.

More on Metto

Both Sarah and Paxton have a heart for service, not just in their business but also in support of their community. Metto often showcases art by local artists in the shop, as well as offers auction donations and discounts for teacher appreciations and fundraisers including Hope Jam, ECCO, and Hope on Goat.

As their love for coffee and for serving their neighbors continues, the Parrishes hope that Metto remains a daily destination for anyone looking for cheerful service, scrumptious bites, and a place to feel like you belong.